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If you are a new parent, most probably, navigating around Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby for the first time is an overwhelming and mind-boggling experience. The wide selection of baby products leave new parents anxiety issues as to how they should properly evaluate the products displayed on the store. Of course, any loving parent would want the best products for his/her baby. No more, no less.

Enter weeSpring. Founded by real-life couple Ally and Jack Downey, the website aims to be the first comprehensive social review site for baby products. The couple’s vision is to enable parents such as themselves to research baby gear and follow other parent reviewers that they deem to be trustworthy and knowledgeable enough. Doing so enables the website to leverage on the collective wisdom of the community and use a simple rating system to help expecting and new parents to exactly find what they need on every stage of the baby’s development, from pre-natal to pre-school.

The couple/founders of weeSpring first met in 2004 on Eliot Sptizer’s campaign. They married four years later and were blessed with their first baby three years afterwards. Armed with their collective experience and academic backgrounds (both have MBAs), they launched weeSpring in 2012. According to them, their primary motivation for the new venture came after the birth of their first child, Logan, as they realized that the questions they have about pregnancy and raising newborn babies boil down to product-related queries. Which formula to get? What type of food is safe for the baby? Are there reference materials I could read? The questions goes on and on, all pointing to all sorts of products.

As such, the Downeys founded weeSpring to be the answer to the problems they initially had with Logan. With weeSpring, users can access a one-stop-ship for baby product information, tips, reviews and recommendations. Users may login using their Facebook account, and after some registration requirements, may already start leaving 250-character reviews of products they own and their experiences with it. When browsing the site, you can see what the entire weeSpring community thinks of a product, or you can filter to show just your friends. Each user has a profile with a bio that explains their approach to shopping for baby products, their kids’ ages, whether they drive or take public transportation and whether they’re a “minimalist” or “fully loaded” with baby products.

Individual products have a designated page which enables users to click through to either purchase on Amazon or add to a wish list for friends to purchase shower or birthday gifts. According to the founders, every product on weeSpring has been rated by at least one user, and that the site’s 1,500 products have a total of 25,000 ratings.

Overall, navigation of the site is clean, with the design very visual and efficient. Looking for information simply entails selecting the dedicated sections. As Downey describes, “If you’re looking for information about baby food, strollers or childproofing, just go to dedicated sections.”

For expecting or new parents out there, I’m sure that you want to be 110% prepared and ready to be the best parent ever for your newborn baby. WeeSpring enables you to do that, by providing the right platform to help you efficiently glean and share advice with fellow parents to make sure you’re well equipped for the job.

Source: Mashable, weeSpring

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