5 Undeniably True Ways Mobile Gaming Affects Your Actual Life

Technology is one of the things that seem to affect our lives the most. When we hear about a major technological discovery, we know that society will never be the same. A good example is how the arrival of the VHS machine forever changed the movie industry. Now we see the games we play on our smartphones also affecting our lives in many different ways.

Waiting In Line


Image via Flickr by Hyougushi

Before smartphone gaming, we were forced to either interact with the people in line with us at the bank, or we would have to sit in silence. The same can be said for the lines of cars that form during traffic jams. With smartphone gaming, people are not nearly as angry about lines as they used to be. Some people are using their time in line as a chance to enjoy a few games at the Spin Palace mobile casino.

Scammers Are Everywhere

Before the explosive popularity of smartphone games, you had to either be home or in a store to be scammed by someone. These days, scammers are putting traps into smartphone games and raking in the cash. You know that smartphone game that you keep paying small amounts of real money into just to get imaginary gold coins? That real money could be going to a criminal organization and you wouldn’t even know it.

Your Shrinking Attention Span

Before mobile gaming on smartphones and other mobile computing devices, you had to purposely invest in a handheld game in order to play it. But with just about everyone having smartphones, mobile games are now everywhere. Instead of listening to your family at the dinner table, you find yourself engrossed in that game you have been playing all day. The average attention span is shrinking and it is partly due to mobile games.

Big Brother Is Watching

In South Korea, the government estimates that seven out of every 10 crimes committed by young people are inspired by mobile gaming. In response, the government has a special branch of law enforcement that is dedicated solely to monitoring crimes associated with online games. If it is happening in South Korea, then it could be happening in other places around the globe.

A Real Gaming Addiction

Mobile gaming is a release that is intended to help people pass the time. But as smartphone games get more complex and involved, they are starting to get people hooked on online gaming. When dad gets home from work, he only puts down the smartphone so he can fire up his computer and play more online games. It is a proliferation that was not evident before smartphone gaming.

Games, in any form, are not supposed to be bad things. Children can learn important motor skills by playing games and anyone can learn to read or write well just by interacting with other people through an online game. But mobile gaming takes everything to a new level by making the games easily accessible to everyone no matter where they are.

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