Huggies TweetPee Tweets Parents When Their Baby Pees

According to study, at average babies pees at 10-12 times a day and if you’re a mom it’ll be relatively hard for you to monitor this activity as you can’t actually see they’re doing it. And you’ll end up knowing it if your baby already alerted you with a cry. As a parent you would not like that especially if your baby is in a good mood or sleeping and will be shifted into tantrums just for wet diaper.

Thanks to Ogilvy Brasil and their Huggies TweetPee, a electronic concept device that will tweet parents when their babies peed on their nappy. It features a sensor that captures the level of moisture so it can tell you when the baby peed. The device is socially connected through an App for your mobile device that’ll alert the parents that they need to check or change the diaper already.

You can check the video above, to see how the TweetPee works.

Source: Mashable

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