8 Reasons To Consider a Home Security System For Your Home

Homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to become targets for break-ins than those with security systems. Studies also show that criminals spend less time inside a burglarized home if an alarm sounds, usually leaving immediately. But there are other reasons to consider a security system that you may not have considered. Here are 8 major ones.

1. Fire Detection Systems Reduce Losses in Home Fires

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Unattended homes that catch fire can literally burn to the ground before someone notices and contacts the fire department. A security system with fire detection alerts the fire department (and you) immediately, so the fire is brought under control more quickly. Subsequently, less damage will result.

2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly. Entire families have been found dead when a simple carbon monoxide detector could have saved them. If your security system detects carbon monoxide, it instantly alerts you so you can get to safety, and notifies authorities so they can come to your aid.

3. You Know When Doors Are Opened, Even When Alarm is Deactivated

Homeowners are often caught unaware when an intruder strolls in on them during the day when they’re home and the security alarm is the last thing on their minds. Most security systems chime when doors are opened and closed, so nobody can sneak up on you in the shower, or while you’re taking a nap.

4. The Monitoring Service Selects and Alerts the Right Response Teams

When a fire is detected, precious time is lost between the time the police arrive, find the problem, and call the fire department. This is just one example of how a monitoring system alerts the right first responders immediately so any problem can be handled quickly.

5. Motion Detectors Protect Areas Where Door & Window Sensors Can’t

Security lights and video cameras can offer protection in the driveway, backyard, and other areas where door and window protection don’t detect the intruder. Some systems can email you streaming video from the camera when the motion detector senses something amiss.

6. Just the Sign in the Yard Can Lower Chances of a Break-In

The presence of a security system sign or sticker can lower your risk of a home invasion three-fold. Why would an intruder risk breaking into a home with a security system when so many unprotected homes lie waiting? Get home security systems reviews to see what signs and stickers come with the system.

7. You Can Sleep Better and Travel More Comfortably

When you go to bed at night or leave home for business or vacation, having a security system offers peace of mind. With mobile apps, the system alerts you of a problem immediately. But even if you can’t get there, you’ll feel better knowing authorities are on the scene.

8. Insurance Discounts are Available for Homeowners with Security Systems

The majority of homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts for security system ownership. The average discount is 20 percent, a significant savings that alone can almost pay for monthly monitoring charges for some homeowners.

All these benefits are in addition to the comfort and security you and your family will enjoy knowing you’re protected from worries like home invasions and lost belongings.

Article written by Miles Young.

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