Virgin Media Broadband is Found to be the Fastest in the UK

We are all aware that broadband has become the method of choice for streaming large amounts of data. Whether we wish to play the latest online flash game, download a movie by using a massive amount of bandwidth or simply ick our feet up and watch Virgin Media digital TV, high-peed broadband connections are essential in the digital age. So, it should be no surprise that all major providers have been in a constant competition for claiming the honour of supplying the fastest broadband speeds for homes and businesses.


Virgin Tops the Charts

A poll released in March of this year has rated Virgin Media as being the fastest internet service provider within the United Kingdom when referring to streaming digital movies and television programmes. This may sound as if it is a difficult challenge to accurately gauge which provider offers the best speed and for this reason, the study focused solely on the ability to download movies and programmes through the international media supplier Netflix. This helped to give a reliable baseline reading as to which companies gave their customers the fastest service.

There was some stiff competition involved; BT, O2 and Sky finished quite close to Virgin. Nonetheless, Virgin Media superseded these rivals with an average download speed of 2.37 megabytes per second. BT scored 2.25 per second while Talk Talk brought up the rear with 2.05 megabytes per second. These scores are important, as the study claims that the data was compiled from no less than 33 million users over a number of months. Thus, literally billions of hours of entertainment were examined to finally determine the winners.

A True Test of Speed?

Regardless of the final results, the company which performed the study stated that this data may not reflect the general connection speeds of internet users throughout the United Kingdom. Many factors can affect internet performance including time of day, weather conditions and the amount of information being sent or received. Still, this study serves to confirm that Virgin still offers a high level of broadband service to the millions of customers it supplies throughout the United Kingdom.

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