Top parental control apps for your child’s handset

No matter what kind of handset your child owns, be it Apple, Android or Blackberry, there are plenty of apps in existence to ensure that internet safety for children is a top priority.


Stealthmate is a security/monitoring software that has been specifically developed to help parents protect their children from evil people and dangerous situations. All that parents are required to do is to install this software on the mobile devices or computers of their children, after which they would receive updates from Stealthmate about online activities of their kids. On subscribing to this service, you would receive a password to an online panel that would show parents all records of messages, chats, and social media activities of their children. You can visit Stealthmate here and get going. Once installed on to the target device, Stealthmate remains invisible to the user which allows parents to keep an eye on their children and ensure their safety outside home.

Vodafone Guardian

Vodafone’s own app is free to download and simple to use. It allows parents to apply numerous security measures to their children’s mobile phones, from who can call them to when they can receive texts, whether they can go online, use Bluetooth, or download.

You are notified if your child tries to uninstall the app and acts to educate about safe smartphone use. The control it gives parents on their kids’ phone usage also means that they won’t be shocked by monthly bills either.


MobileMinder is an Android application that gives you a comprehensive solution to parental controls. It monitors everything about your child’s device, including its location over the past 24 hours, alerts you to inappropriate texts by using your own keywords, and registers all calls, including their duration.

Your child’s web browsing history is also monitored, so you can easily find out if your child has been viewing unsuitable content online.

Phone Sheriff

One for the iPhone, Phone Sheriff allows you to block certain functions of the phone at certain times of the day. You can choose to lock the entire phone at night, until a certain time the next morning, or you can simply shut off its ability to make and receive calls whenever you see fit. Phone Sheriff also allows you to prevent certain numbers from sending calls and texts at any time.

Furthermore, Phone Sheriff enables you to track your child via GPS to ensure they are where they say they are. You can also track your child’s web history through this useful application.

Blackberry Parental Controls

From Blackberry World comes Parental Controls, an easy to use app that allows you to restrict your child’s access to specific Blackberry functions, such as Blackberry Messenger and internet browsing.

Blackberry Parental Controls can also be used to disable the camera function on your child’s phone for both photos and video.

Phone Control

Another one for Android users, Phone Control allows you to monitor absolutely everything your child does on their phone. This app is entirely invisible as it works; even the icon is invisible to your child. Phone Control will send you all incoming and outgoing text messages, photos, contacts, and calls, as well as the location of your child’s device at all times.

Net Nanny 2.0

Net Nanny for Android offers parents a clean and easy to use interface, allowing you to monitor your child’s web browsing history to ensure their internet safety, as well as configuring what they can and can’t access in terms of websites and applications.

Net Nanny gives parents default age groups to choose from, which allow you to block sites in up to 18 different categories, from gambling to nudity and profanity. You can also choose how Net Nanny responds to attempted access to a banned site, with either a warning or a complete block on the website.

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