Infographic: Alarming Facebook Stats

Facebook isn’t just fun and games as we’re finding out of late. While it is true that you’re connected to other people like never before while you’re on the social media site, the fact is that there’s bad where there’s good – and the bad is aplenty. If statistics had a soul they’re probably scream bloody murder while painting the Facebook picture.

The social media giant has it all: fame, money and power, and like any other oppressive entity in our lives the network has taken a turn for the worse with its recent activities which could put big brother to shame. However, it isn’t just what Facebook does that’s harmful, it’s the effect it has on people at large that’s the main problem. And that’s what this infographic is all about. While it has on occasion caused almost everyone some grief the two hardest hits segments of our society are the poor parents who don’t know what to do with their teens when they run lose on Facebook and employers who don’t know what to do with their employees when they take to Facebook for  a rant, or simply to waste time. At the end of the day what’s important is that both groups stay safe and stay vigilant.

The content creation team at Mobistealth had its own epiphany as to the many horrors of Facebook and came up with this infographic sharing some of the worst statistics we could find. We’re addressed the Facebook problem on two fronts: the parents that need to keep a look out for their teens, and the employers who stay know what they’re employees are up to. Do you find the stats as alarming as we did? Take and look and share your opinion with us. There’s a chance you might relate to our image, or a chance you might know someone else who fits the bill.

facebook infographic

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