What Should You Look for in a Washing Machine?

imagesBuying a new washing machine may seem like a simple proposition – all you need is something that does the job. On closer inspection however, it would seem that there are many things to consider when finding the right machine for you.

Choosing the right washing machine can make a big difference to your yearly spend, so increasing your budget for long term savings could be advantageous. This guide hopes to illustrate what to look for in a washing machine.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption may be one of the single most important factors when deciding on a washing machine. The energy efficiency and water use of a machine will have a large impact on your yearly bills, so opting for the most efficient machine is advised. Washing machines are given a rating based on their efficiency, which ranges from A+++ to A.

A+++ machines are the most efficient, yet it’s important that you realise that some machines within this category are more efficient than others. If you compare machines, have a look at kWh/year and litre/year figures to give you a better idea. Be sure to look at a Beko washing machine for highly efficient and cheap to buy washing machines.

Drum size

Your average family washing machine will need a drum size of around six kilograms. That being said, you should probably go for a larger one if you intend to wash large amounts of clothes as well as duvets and curtains. If you live in a small apartment then a smaller machine will no doubt be advantageous when it comes to finding space. It’s important to note that larger machines tend to be more efficient, as they require less power and water to wash a larger amount of clothes.


The spin speed of a machine will generally dictate how dry your clothes will come out of the machine. Look for machines that spin from 1,400- 1,600rpm if you want to have clothes that dry quickly. Machines that spin at these speeds tend to be more expensive, so remember to bear this in mind.

Delicate clothes

If you own many delicate garments, you will no doubt be familiar with the bane of hand washing. There are now machines that simulate hand washing, meaning you can wash all your delicate clothes without risk of damaging them.

Easy Iron

For those of you who frequently iron their shirts for work, buying a washing machine that has anti-crease and easy iron functions could make a big difference in a last-minute wash cycle the evening before work.

Complex interfaces

These days, some washing machines resemble hi-tech computers, with fancy dashboards and flashing lights. Generally speaking, it’s preferable to go for a machine that is simple and clear to use. While hi-tech machines may be appealing, a simple one can often do the job just as well.

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