Top 10 iOS Apps for Spring 2013

Whether your needs involve getting more exercise, making a quick buck off some online gambling, or even just wasting time, the range of apps available for iOS is just staggering. This article reviews some of the best ones out there for this season.


Online Casinos

Mobile casino games are all the rage these days — they’re among the most popular type of app available for smartphones and tablet computers and can even be accessed through mobile browsers. There are far too many to mention, but a quick Google search should get you the most popular ones.

123D Creature

If you ever feel the need to model digital clay monsters on your iPad, and then have your creature printed out in 3D, this is the app for you!


This is a task management app that focuses on your habits and goals, as opposed to ‘tasks’, mostly meant for the ones you don’t like doing, like changing your sheets or watering the garden.

Die Hard

Based on the new Die Hard sequel, this game is a mash-up between Unchartered and Temple Run.


The crowd-funding service now has an app, which means that if you have a project up there, you can monitor its stats on the move.

Essential Anatomy

It’s a bit pricey for a human anatomy app, but it might be required downloading for medical students.

Stream That Song

Trying to get one up over Shazam, this free app identifies a song that’s playing near you, and then links it immediately to Spotify or Deezer.


This app was designed by music industry veteren Brian Eno. It’s a musical app that allows you to create beautiful ambient compositions, combining visuals with audio.

Camera Awesome

For those of you who are not satisfied with your smartphone’s camera, this app offers far more versatility. It adds editing options, filters and sharing options.


Taking advantage of the market created by Zynga, this app eschews the competitive nature of Draw Something, instead opting for a daily drawing challenge for its users. The app provides the scenario for you to draw, which you can then share with your friends.

Dino Land

This is good fun for the kids — it teaches them about dinosaurs as the kids collect sets of the prehistoric creatures while learning about them. However, its in-game apps are ridiculously expensive, costing as high as £70! Make sure your kids don’t go on a spending spree behind your back.

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