Xbox 720 Specs Detailed

Late last month the detailed specification of PlayStation 4 has surfaced along with expected release on February 20 Sony event. Today, to keep the gaming society busy –detailed specs of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720 has just made it to public.


If you can remember earlier, there’s a rumor that the next generation Xbox will have the capabilities to block used games according to Edge Online. And as to what we have today, sources familiar with the matter told that the new console will boosts 50GB Blu-ray disk with activation codes, this could be DRM materials.

PlayStation 4 is rumored to run an Octa-core processor, which equals to what we have right now with the Xbox 720, the new console will sports an AMD octa-core x64 processor with clock speed of 1.6GHz per core, imagine the processing and multitasking power with 8 CPU cores at 1.6GHz each. It’ll be tied up with D3D11.x at 800MHz GPU while utilizing 8GB of DDR3 RAM. And you can easily guess, like to what you have dreamed a powerful rig for gaming power and superb graphics capabilities.

It will sure to utilize same Microsoft’s gaming services and we hope for backward compatibility to play with the existing Xbox 360 —-integration-wise also, we’re looking for Windows Mobile and Windows 8 flawless system integration. The major upgrades seemed to be an overhauled hardware and even the case is said to feature sophisticated design.

Source: SlashGear

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