Smart Pen Vibrates To Check Your Spelling and Writing

If you have a smartphone, why not own this so called “Smart Pen” that is technologically advance enough to not just let you write something on a paper but it’ll let you know through vibration that you missed the right stroke of any letters or you wrote a misspelled word.


The latest smart pen was designed by Lernstift and currently in beta testing to recognize writing movements. Initially, this smart pen is dedicated for children who’s learning to write, however this concept might be also useful to adults. Since the pen automatically vibrates to correct any mistakes in spelling and strokes, this could fasten the development or learning to write.

Though we’re now is the stage of smartphone, tablets and computers, some questions on still when we would need to hand write anymore?

On my own opinion, handwriting is still a fundamental part of learning and thus it will take more time for us to skip hand writing and just rely on our devices. I believe pen will be still there for a long time, and thus this smart pen will come to reality it’ll be a great improvement for education specially on speeding up the development of young ones.

If you’re thinking about the potential adult usage? Doctors should have this pen!

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