Three: UK LTE with no pricey extra data premium


UK carrier Three has just detailed its LTE price strategy that promise no extra data charges for its subscribers to enjoy its 4G network —-however, it means that you still need to wait until their fully rolled-out the network later this year.

The carrier said that the LTE connectivity will be “available as standard” on every Three contract plan however, it’ll require LTE-enabled handsets such as the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 or the newly launched Blackberry Z10.

Three has been on the edge of serving its subscriber with greater internet speed experience with currently 55-percent coverage of its “Ultrafast” connectivity with DC-HSDPA. It’s expected to be on 80-percent coverage at the end of Q1, this will absolutely greatly pave the way for Three’s LTE roll out. In addition for this Ultrafast experience, Three will be also adding 1800MHz spectrum to its DC-HSDPA service to cater more devices that support this bandwidth.

Three is known to serve “true unlimited” data plan, which will be great enough for DC-HSDPA speed boast offering —-and all you need to do is wait, until the LTE network has been rolled out completely.

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