Techspeak hurts your grammar

Check out the infographic below which exposes how an increased reliance on text messaging and techspeak is destroying our writing and verbal communication skills. Research suggests the use of abbreviations, word substitutions, acronyms, and emoticons, are all major contributors to this decline.

“Cn u undrstnd me clrly? lol. omg.” These acronyms, abbreviations and sentence fragments are very common on our daily mobile communication, via text messages, instant messages, emails and even on Twitter or Facebook. Most of the time words are abbreviated, as well as homophone symbols and most importantly the right punctuation and capitalization are ignored. And these matters very much when there are massive texters from the middle school where formative reading and writing occurs.

Check out the infographic below to understand how techspeak widely affects student’s grammar.

Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

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