Mini-Drone Mecam


We’re familiar with the normal iOS controlled quadrocopter out there, but this time a so called mini-drone Mecam from a startup Always Innovating —-from the word ‘mini’ you’re right with a small quadrocopter flying robot that will watch you whenever you go.

How this mini-drone will watch you? It’s equipped with a built-in digital camera to snap photos and videos, then stream them to your Android or iOS devices and share them to your Facebook or Youtube channel. There will be also about 14 sensors packed on this mini robot to accurately hover safely around and follow you. It also support voice-controlled commands and one-click true panorama (which obviously a 360 degrees rotation of the quadrocopter in the air), pretty interesting.

The good thing it can replace your dog for $50 by 2014, kidding aside .

Source: Always Innovating (Image Credit)

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