Canon to unveil EOS 70D and 7D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D Mark IIAccording to Canon’s Masaya Maeda the Canon EOS 70D would come “some day in the future. Without fail” and it’s reported to hit the shelves in later Q1 or early Q2 with possible traits following the existing 60D or might return to where the 50D was in terms of build quality and size that’s more of a semi-professional style camera.


While the much anticipated 7D Mark II could be the next generation “pro” APS-C camera rumored earlier, this could be the flagship APS-C EOS in terms of performance and features along with not that cheap price tag. The 7D line is also ripe in terms of 2009 launch, in 4 years it’s inevitable for upgrade.

In a report of CR, citing an interview of Masaya Maeda about the 7D Mark II, the interview confirm the major developments of the line on its second iteration. See the translated interview of DigiKame Watch (DKW) below:

DKW: As for the readers of DigiKame Watch, there are many who are waiting for the EOS 7D’s sucessor. Up through the release of last year’s major firmware update, there were many who felt that a new model with even better specs would be released shortly…

MM: Yes, they would be correct. For us, it’s about looking at what the camera has the potential to be and then adding that to what it can currently do. I do think the current model is still very attractive to buyers. And while we are, of course, developing its successor, it’ll be one that incorporates a certain number of innovative technologies. We will not be putting out a product with merely better specs, but one that has evolved into new territory. But then again, we’re not talking about something a long time from now either.


Source: [DPR]

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