G-Form Drops Xtreme Cases From 100,000 Foot Above The Earth

G-Form Xtreme Case

If happen you don’t like the All Ears case with peculiar ears for you and your iPhone, maybe you’ll love to fly like Superman(RC Plane) and be confident, worry free of dropping it from the stratosphere –as it will be hitting the ground protected with G-Form Xtreme cases.

Prepping the right hype for its CES 2013 debut, G-Form drops Xtreme iPhone and iPad case from 100,000 foot above the earth.

G-Form told that the secret of withstanding the ultra-high altitude drop were the three-layer “technique,” which combines its “patented Reactive Protection Technology with a rigid outer polycarbonate shell and an inner shock-absorbing TPE insert.”

Though the debut will be on CES,the Xtreme case for iPhone and Galaxy S3 are already shipping. It’ll be joined on the shelves by its iPad variants including iPad mini as well as the new iPad touch.

Now if you think that the drop is overkill, you may want to check out its Amazon listing and let us know how do you feel.

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