Featured: Comprehensive data leak prevention from the Cloud

Email security and data leak prevention is a complex challenge, but the right solution will give your organisation’s administrators greater control, security, flexibility and peace of mind.

Business needs

Email is today’s accepted and standard mode of business communication, and its value to an organisation has become so great that it is unquantifiable. It is where ideas, plans, agreements and knowledge are stored – research suggests corporate email typically holds around 70% of an organisation’s sensitive data.

Modern workforces are no longer chained to the office, and as the number of mobile devices continues to grow exponentially, DLP is an increasingly vital part of any organisation’s ability to manage and protect important, confidential information.

Why DLP is so important

Together with the enormous volumes of information now being shared electronically, an undoubted trend towards more stringent data security regulations means businesses must take DLP more seriously than ever. It is imperative for enterprises to be constantly vigilant in rigorously protecting sensitive data – whether their own, or their customers’ – from a brand reputation point of view. But let’s not forget that non-compliance and data leaks can have serious and immediate repercussions too, including fines and legal action.

Email security solutions delivered from the cloud

An effective DLP solution must be comprehensive without stifling productivity, and it must be robust and cost-effective. Centrally managed via a single web-based console – removing the need for a separate data leak prevention infrastructure – cloud-delivered solutions offer exactly that.

The right cloud-based data loss prevention system affords greater control and flexibility, for instance offering the capacity to create and consistently apply policies in real time. On top of that some cloud providers offer the peace of mind that comes with powerful encryption and 100% service availability SLAs. Beyond this, it must be able interact with and educate end-users, so they understand why a given activity is inappropriate and avoid potential future policy breaches.

A maximised data leak prevention solution will deliver all this and more. The best of the bunch will enable you to apply role-based controls, rectify honest mistakes, and ultimately protect against undesirable data loss – malevolent or otherwise.

Dr Angelo Roussos – Chief Information Officer at Blue Label Telecoms – has found a solution that allows his organisation to focus on other, more strategic business activities: “We wanted to extend the security on emails beyond just stopping receiving spam. Mimecast’s solutions for data leak prevention offer peace of mind to all levels of management within Blue Label Telecoms.”

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