EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 70D, EOS M2 and EOS 1DSx –All for 2013

Xitek, a Japanese Impress magazine reveals a collection of camera body rumors that is speculated will be debuted this year.

Leading the pack wasn’t new at all, as it was already rumored to hit the shelves back on 2012, the EOS 7D Mark II is said to feature to have new sensor however, it is not clear if this will be full frame but as a mid-entry DSLR it will closely to pack a crop sensor, it will live up to be a fast camera capable of 10fps and with improved light sensitivity with ISO 25600.

Another mid-entry level camera rumored to hit the EOS line this year is the next iteration of EOS 60D with EOS 70D equipped with same 7D Mark II sensor, still sports a 3-inch flip screen and supports ISO 25600.

Even Canon has a late entry in the mirrorless camera bandwagon, its EOS M line is doing a great job on the market, taking the portable secondary camera for Canon users as most of EOS lens can be mounted on this camera. And as expected there should be more new EOS M cameras to be release this year, the EOS M2 have just popped out from Xitek.

Lastly, EOS 1DSx also was highlighted on the magazine to be Canon’s flagship in the big megapixel camera segment where Nikon have already outed its unit.

From the rumored new Canon cameras here, which one is your eying to have for your upgrade?

Source: NL via XT via CanonRumors.com

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