CES 2013: Nvidia Tegra 4 Mobile Quad-Core Chip unveiled

Nvidia has officially outed its next generation quad-core processor Tegra 4 at Las Vegas. Tegra 4 is claimed to have six times of the processing power of its predecessor, the Tegra 3 but boasts same energy efficiency as both is based on same chip architecture which features a fifth core that regulates energy utilization. It is based on an ARM Cortex-A15 CPU design paired with 72 individual Nvidia GeForce graphics cores. That being said, it can run your smartphone that plays video on it for 14 hours.

CES 2013 Nvidia Tegra 4 Mobile Quad-Core Chip unveiled

To demonstrate how fast the new quad-core Tegra 4, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage with a device powered by the new chip and captured an HDR image in a snap with no delay on composing the multiple shots for the composite photo. Huang also claimed that it’s faster than the processor that runs the recently unveiled iPad 4.

And to even sweeten its processing and graphics power, Huang also demoed 4K video format from the Tegra 4 powered device to a Ultra-HDTV, like we’ve told you earlier with LG’s 4-inch Ultra-HD TV.

Now what you can expect from now is several flagship Android devices to feature the Tegra 4, even wait for more details of Nvidia’s Project Shield.

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