The true power of the iPad 3 in the classroom

Before the introduction of pens, pencils and pads of paper, the piercing squeak of a scrawling slate pencil was a commonplace classroom sound.

new ipad 3

Today’s education system has certainly embraced technology and the integration of mod cons.  While a wide range of gadgets and gizmos are available, many students and teachers would agree that few can compete with Apple’s undeniably smart and slick iPad 3.

Since its launch, the iPad has been something of a shining beacon to all involved in schooling.  Whether it’s providing practical solutions for a student’s homework project or serving as a useful and dynamic in-lesson tool for teachers, the iPad has received widespread appraisal.  And with proper dedicated use, the iPad is a far more versatile machine.

Incredibly, there have been over 30 billion Apple app downloads to date. But of the 700,000 available apps, some stand out far more than others for education.

Initially, the news that the iPad could be used in the classroom caused quite a commotion among the old-school generation of technophobes, but any such fears are slowly dispersing. As recently reported by the BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, PM David Cameron could soon be running the UK using a bespoke iPad app.

The 16, 32 or 64GB iPad 3 comes in black or white and is undeniably fast and flawless. With a 9.7-inch 3.1 million pixel display enhancing the beauty of text and colours, as well as HD FaceTime and iSight features, the new iPad 3 ticks every box.  It also provides extra peace of mind, as with ten generous hours of battery power, it won’t give up on you during the middle of a lesson.

The iPad 3 allows you to browse the web, check your emails and access various eReading materials, all at the touch of your screen. Research has found that an overwhelming majority of teachers regularly use iPads in their teaching, and that students are more motivated when using iPads.

Here’s a top five compilation of some powerful education-specific apps for teachers to utilise.

  1. Fluency Finder:  Quickly assesses word per minute readings and fluency without the use of a watch
  2. Toontastic: Allows children to create characters and settings in their own cartoons
  3. Chicktionary: You can unscramble letters to create as many new words as possible
  4. Scribble Press: Creates and orders prints of your own eBooks
  5. Sock Puppets:  Creates and share your own lip synced videos

You can get further insight and a host of helpful advice from iPad stockists such as Carphone Warehouse, so all you’ll have to do is decide upon the colour and capacity of your iPad 3. Embrace modern technology in the classroom with an iPad 3.

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