The Facebook App Data 2012

If you’re wondering which Facebook app is on the number one spot as of the moment, or if you’re looking for the developer who’s getting the right money out of their facebook apps, then you’ve gone on the right page, as AppData has a pretty decent list to serve you with your statistical needs through their streaming server. The research firm even has the data for iOS and Android apps, like facebook for android, for the two mobile OS giant platform.

The App Leaderboard for facebook shows that most of its user still loves to do virtual farming with Farmville 2 still grows crops on top of the list. Followed by the photo sharing app Instagram which claims to share only good photos with its easy to use filters and editing tools, but mostly we saw food photography addict to abuse this app. Texas HoldEm Poker rules the number three slot, with its casual gaming appeal for most of the adults. TripAdvisor and schoolFeed close the top five on the leaderboard.

Facebook App Leaderboard

Now if you’re looking who are the developers profiteering from your casual online gaming and non-stop photo sharing activities on the largest social networking site, AppData also includes the Developer Leaderboard data.

Facebook Developer Leaderboard

Zynga still tops the developer leaderboard, but lately the game maker’s stock plummet below value of its cash and real estate, reportedly. Microsoft Live, Bing, Skype, MSN and the Bing Bar landed Microsoft as the second app maker on the list. Bubble Witch and Candy Crush Saga creator rest on the third. While the facebook utility app, such Static iFrame Tab, Custom Tab and Static HTML iFrame Tab lets Woobox be part of the top five at number four. Closing the top five was Diamond Dash’s creator Wooga.

Source: AppData

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