Canon Tops DSLRs’ Marketshare in 2012

For those who’ve just started to learn, intermediate or professional photographers, if you’re using Canon DSLR then you might be happy to hear that your brand tops this years DSLR marketshare which means that the Japanese camera maker sell more DSLR cameras that anyone else from its competitors.

Accordingly, here’s the interchangeable lens camera share for 2012 in Japan:

  1. Canon 28.6%
  2. Nikon 25%
  3. Olympus 14.3%
  4. Sony 13.3%
  5. Panasonic 11.3%

Most interesting numbers on this Canon slice were for high-end DSLRs which have increased significantly which contributed by 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X

Now, if you’ll be asking about the mirrorless segment, Canon grab 2.1% marketshare, and knowing that it has just started on this line, we can expect growth by next year, as company will sure to launch new products following their EOS-M series.

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