Canon 5D Mark II Discontinued Officially

It’s over, but each photos taken by this great camera will live forever. Probably the most popular, influential and the model that introduces Canon to the world and dreams of each aspiring, amateur and professional photographer.

Canon 5D Mark II Discontinued

In the wake of Canon 5D Mark III, the camera-giant Canon has officially discontinued the EOS 5D Mark II. The camera has been released back in November 2008, a 4-year short life span but have gone miles on influencing photographers to shoot better and work even harder on their craft.

For some photogs it’ll be the signal point of retiring or upgrading to newer model, but for some it’ll their camera to keep till their last life’s shutter close forever.

It’ll be also a great opportunity for those aspiring entry shooters who wants to take a little step further on chasing lights to grab some units for bargain, though you can still grab some stock out there for brand new unit or even used ones, but take note it won’t last for long.

If you have the Canon 5D Mark II, will you give it up and upgrade to newer model or will you keep it?

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