New Specialist Snooper Sat Nav for a Special Drive

Ever-advancing technology has meant that gadgets in various fields are becoming more and more specialised and even better equipped to tackle the tasks at hand. Satellite Navigation systems are no different, with new developments intended to make your drive cheaper, easier and safer by cutting down on travel time, petrol consumption and speeding tickets. Sat navs such as these are particularly helpful for owners of larger vehicles such as caravans or motorhomes, and if you drive one of these it might be worth investing in a sat nav that has been tailor-made with this purpose in mind.

As with all good gadgets, once you take the plunge and invest on specialised sat nav, it won’t be long before you wonder how you ever managed to live without it. This is the exact feeling conjured by Snooper’s new Ventura Pro Sound DB8500. Whether you’re upgrading an older model or buying a larger vehicle sat nav for the first time, Snooper are a leading name in satellite navigation, and old-hands at producing state-of-the-art systems that make the perfect driving companions. Designed specifically for the caravan or motorhome enthusiast, Ventura Pro Sound is the peak of high-end design, and miles ahead of its competition.

The Ventura Pro Sound is packed with features to make your holiday commute easier, more relaxing and more pleasurable. Featuring a built-in DAB digital radio and FM transmitter and a digital television transmitter, this is a sat nav that doubles as an entertainment system, perfect for keeping busy during rest stops or rainy days. There’s even a preloaded database of over 20,000 campsites and stopovers to make finding somewhere to stay as easy as possible, and a database of over 2 million points of interest throughout Europe to keep you busy when you get there!

As would be expected from a gadget of this kind, then, getting there is the number one priority. The Ventura will calculate a specific route based on your vehicle’s larger dimensions, avoiding narrow bends and low bridges to make sure you arrive at your destination in good time and in a good mood. You can also save your vehicles height, width and length to economise your travel time even further. With this end in mind, route planning is user-friendly and couldn’t be quicker – post code search is supported for over 30 countries, which is great for those embarking on a European road trip. The Ventura range also features extra hazard information, particularly on narrow, difficult roads, to keep you safe on the road at all times. Again, these features all make the Ventura Pro Sound the perfect companion for any drive with a caravan or motorhome, though you can still switch modes when driving in a car; Snooper’s sat nav will have you covered in any situation.

So if you’re shopping for a sat nav and own a larger vehicle, it’s worth investing in a system that has been designed with the specific challenges posed by caravans and motorhomes in mind. Snooper have spent years worrying about these problems so that you don’t have to, and the Ventura Pro Sound DB8500 is the result of all this hard work and research.

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