iPhone Case Turns Touchscreen Into Old School Keypad

So if you’ll be going back on the times where Nokia was comfortably seating on the throne of its mobile kingdom, you’ll remember those times when texting and those hardly used keypad were part of your daily routine. Until, that happy days are over and touchscreen devices has conquered our hearts –designer Moon Myounghak throws a concept iPhone case to bring back the physical keypad days, transforming your touchscreen into an good old keypad.

iPhone Case Turns Touchscreen Into Old School Keypad

Accordingly, the iPhone case that turns your resistive screen into tangible keypad will only work if your iPhone is hacked. So basically it’ll have a virtual keypad that will fit the case’s keypad layout, so when it’s pressed it will work as a normal keypad. However, there’s still no word yet if the concept will hit the production line and if you’re really looking for keypads, better try a Blackberry.

So far we’re seeing this unique case useful when you’re driving, see they’re physical keys you can master them so you can dial or text without getting your eyes off the road.

Image credit: Flickr, Yutaka Tsutano

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