iPad mini review roundup [2012]

Before the original iPad was born, the iPad mini has been already rumored which seemed to have been caged virtually as Steve Jobs don’t want a smaller slate other than a 10-incher. Few years after, when the market were filled with low margin 7-incher competitors, it seemed Apple has realized the inevitable reality that they need to jump on the 7-inch tablet bandwagon, far from Jobs envisioned will not happen. The Cupertino-giant have just outed a more portable and affordable iPad mini which will fit in between the full size iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

iPad mini

The $329 iPad mini is the closest print of iPad 2, as it holds same resolution –however, just fitted in a smaller 7.9-inch touchscreen.  But don’t put the iPad mini as a smaller cheaper iPad 2, as its much thinner, lighter accordingly shows greater advantages from its original 10-inch versions. Check out the reviews just below to find out.

iPad mini review roundup

Now after checking the reviews, have you made your mind? Are you getting an iPad mini for the Holiday?

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