Fun Tech for the Outdoor Explorer

For those of us who are adventurous and a bit carefree, we tend to be extra harsh on all of our gear. Most companies that specialize in the gear that provides us with excitement build their products accordingly. What about some of the tech gadgets we use everyday? Would they hold up? What about high tech gear that can keep up with an active lifestyle? At times, we have to make decisions to leave behind our phones and cameras in fear of damage.

Check out some of the best alternatives that not only hang in there with us, but make any activity that much more enjoyable.

Record the Action

Extreme weather places like Alaska and Colorado provide great settings for adventure sports. For the snow enthusiasts in Denver, CO self storage can keep gear weather free until the first snow hits, and then it’s time to hit the slopes. A GoPro camera is perfect for recording slaloms and moguls in high-def in the back country and can handle being banged around some trees. It’s also compact enough to fit in any pocket when not needed.

GoPros are also great for taking on a Rock Mountain scenic hike or technical ascent of one of the peaks. Being lightweight and providing the opportunity to lock in another crazy moment is a perfect combination. There are also accessories available for different mounting systems and water proofing.

Bring the Tunes

Having your own personal playlist to bring along on a trip is a great luxury. Being able to take it with you on the mountain or on a bike ride is even better. The Nike Flight headphones are perfect to help keep your tunes motivating you while pumping those legs on the uphill or bombing a downhill. They are sweat and water resistant and wrap around the back of the neck for comfort and security. When in the moment, no one wants to worry about the music stopping.

Again, no one wants to bother with stopping the fun to select a different song. Enter the armband for the iPod/iPhone. Underrated, but extremely useful, any one of the available sport armbands provide hands-free use, sweat resistance, and protection. The best thing about these is that they are inexpensive and made to last. Slide it under the jacket on the slopes or cinch it tight while hiking or running. Start your favorite playlist and enjoy the journey.

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