1-800 Contacts iOS App Review

There are lots and lots of apps nowadays about virtually any thing or utility you can think of. From the usual reminders to tasks and whatnot, you’ll easily find one that will suit that particular need. And this one is for those that wear contact lenses. Have you ever experienced feeling something weird in your eye and learn that you have forgotten that you needed to replace your current pair of disposable contact lenses? Are you always forgetting that brand that suits your eyes? Well now you don’t have to as the 1-800 Contacts store has released an app just for that and more. Now getting those eye contacts should be easier.

App Review

The app has two main functions. On the top portion provides the user an interface to the 1-800 Contacts online store/service. For first time use, the app prompts the user to enter his/her site credentials (i.e. account) if he/she is already uses the service. The on the bottom half of the screen is that tracks the duration of contact lens use of the user.

Depending on when the user regularly replaces his/her contact lens, the application allows the reminder to be set for the left eye, or right eye, or both eyes. This then makes it easier for the user to be reminded in replacing contact lenses, and as well as remind the said user when to buy a new box of contacts.

After configuring the contact replacement parameters, the user can now start using the shopping service of the app. First, he/she has to “add a patient” or in other terms, create a user that will buy the box of lenses. This presents a good opportunity to allow multiple “patients” using the same account for easier management.

For buying the particular brand of contacts, the user is given two options. First is to scan the barcode of the box in case he/she can’t remember the brand of contact lens and second, the user can simply select from the wide assortment of products in their catalog. It’s great that the same products available in the actual physical store is also the same ones available in this app.

The app then proceeds in determining the needed prescription for the contact lenses. Now do take note that the user should be well aware of these values before making any purchases or they’ll have to do the same process if they punched in the wrong values. As for the values themselves, it can be set to either left or right eye, with an option of setting the same parameters for both eyes if necessary. It will also contain the estimated price of the box including the number of included lenses, which is a nice touch as the user will have a clear idea of how many he/she will be getting.

The final step in the process is selecting a doctor for the patient you have entered. This ensures that the patient cannot simply buy a box of contact without the proper prescription. The user can either name the doctor by selecting a contact in the phone book or through the location the patient is currently in. In any case, this step is a very nice touch that adds a level of credibility to the app in the same manner as the online store.

Final Thoughts

1-800 Contacts has created a great free application that perfectly interfaces with their online service. This is perfect for those that doesn’t have the time to go to a prescription store to get their contact lenses, just open the app and it’s done. Not only that, it also adds a bonus of reminding users to replace (and buy another box) contact lenses. For more information on the app, just search it on itunes or for the store itself, just go to 1800contacts.com.

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