Upgrading your old tech 101

Upgrading your old tech 101It always seems like a colossal waste to simply chuck your old tech out with all the other trash during spring cleaning. The frustration is understandable; you spent quite a lot of money on it and now it’s out-dated and taking up space.

It doesn’t always have to end this way, though. There are loads of ways of upgrading old tech, as well as re-purposing those pieces that cannot be upgraded adequately. This article aims to help you figure out new uses for old tech, as well as ways of bringing them up to speed.

Upgrade your RAM

 RAM upgrades have become remarkably cheaper over the last few years. What used to cost up to hundreds of pounds now is achievable for £30-40. You can probably double your computer speed for this price.

The advantages are numerous: you will be able to run more applications at the same time, video processing will be much faster and easier and video gaming should be easier too.

Re-purpose old lenses to fit your new camera

 Most DSLR cameras have lenses that are universally compatible with each other, but what about the really old gear, belonging to really old photographers? There are still ways around this too.

 For instance, an old telephoto lens can be carefully re-modelled to fit your new DSLR. It’s not simple, but if you’re very, very careful, and you follow instructions correctly, with the help of an adapter you should be able to use it again with your new tech.

 Re-install your operating system

 A lot of people automatically assume that their computer is beyond help and that they need to miss out on a family holiday because they need to buy a new computer. You might be surprised to find out that your computer might behave a little differently if you just re-install the operating system.

 All it takes is a few updates. Upgrade your operating system to its latest edition, and re-install everything after backing up all your data. You may find that your computer now runs far better, and that you can hold off on purchasing a new one.

 If you can’t upgrade it . . . sell it

 Of course, some devices are more or less incapable of being upgraded. Old iPad users find themselves infuriated after finding out that their iPads from two years ago are unable to upgrade their hardware with the latest software.

 What does one do in such a predicament? An easy solution is to just sell it, you can find a lot of utilities specially in the web on how to sell it online. Google “sell HTC desire” and you’ll see you can still get a decent amount of money for a pretty old phone, while sites like Music Magpie make it easy to sell your Xbox 360 for free.

 If you can’t upgrade it . . . save it

 Sometimes, it’s not worth it. Whoever knew that your old Nintendo 64 would come back into fashion at parties you threw? I bet you never suspected that you’d one day pull out your mother’s hoard of old vinyl records and appreciate them on a completely different level.

 Of course, this doesn’t apply to all tech. There’s no point hanging on to things that are never, ever going to come back into fashion. You just need a good head for determining which will.

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