The Best Countries for Internet Usage of 2012

Web UsageWho uses the internet best? A recent study called the Web Index, which measures the Web’s global impact in 61 developed and developing countries. The study focused on 7 aspects which include communications infrastructure, institutional infrastructure, web use, web content, political impact, social impact and economic impact. The research was funded by 1-million dollar grant from Google.

And to answer the question earlier, Sweden beats U.S. by small percentage on online Americans. In relation, 75% of Americans use the internet while significantly 90% of Swedes browse the internet. Other informative results are stated below in the inforgraphic, just check it out.

Icelan, Sweden and Finland tops the category of web readiness which is the quality and extent of connectivity to the web and policies regulating the access to it. The web usages which categorize the percentage of individuals utilizing the internet and its available content to them were the US, UK and Canada rules the list. Lastly, the social, economic and political impact of the web was topped by Sweden, US and Canada.

In the end, the lowest ranked countries were Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and Yemen.

Who Uses the Internet Best?

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