Quadski an ATV-Jetski in one

Quadski an ATV-Jetski in one

ATV and Jetski in one? No, we’re not talking about James Bond’s Lotus Esprit but Gibbs Sports Amphibians called Quadski —-making its way to being official at Detroit. The new amphibious Quadski will truly live up the all-terrain-vehicle as it can operate and run on water.

The Quadski will feature a single seat design that will enable its user to have it on land and with wheels folded when it hits the water surface making it more hydro-dynamic. It can run up to 45MPH on both land and water. Quadski is powered by a 1.3L four cylinder BMW motorcycle engine.

Unfortunately, you’ll have it towed on custom rack as it’ll be too big for a 1,300-pound, 10.5-ft long vehicle to fit on your pickup or roof rack.

Gibbs expects to begin shipping the Quadski by next month in black, silver, red and yellow. And as a multi-functional vehicle, it’ll not be that cheap like the normal entertainment-hobby ATV or Jetski, the manufacture estimated the price can go around $40,000.

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