Featured: How to Prevent Online Fraud Effectively

Online FraudWith the growing number of devices per person, it is easy to fall into the trap of sticking to a single username and password. What is worse, people are oblivious to how easily their information can be found with the ever increasing social networks. With that in mind, hackers have an astonishingly easy time finding passwords, usernames, and even answers to security questions (credit skimming anyone?). Unfortunately, little can be done to discourage crooks from attempting fraud. But new and innovative technology helps guarantee that fraud does not happen to you.

A simple yet effective security system comes in a form of a 2 factor authentication service. What 2 factor authentication represents is a straightforward add on security for an account that may be accessed outside of a safe network. In other words, the phone verification system will utilize the password you know and the phone you have on you. Upon login, the system will generate a code you may receive through a voice call or an SMS message. This form of ultimate protection guarantees that your account can only be accessed by you.

Identity verification through the 2 factor authentication is something that is easy to set up. With no required additional hardware or software, preventing fraud is as easy as creating an account with an intelligent authentication provider. Since there is no hardware or software to obtain, the identity verification that can protect you from potential fraud can begin as soon as you would like it to. With this excellent identity theft deterrent, having peace of mind about your accounts has never been simpler.

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