Featured: Five Creative Products You Can Sell Online

There are many complicated ways to make money online, but why not keep it simple? The simplest way to start your own business and make a profit is to create your own product that you can sell online. If you take advantage of e-commerce web hosting services that allow you to set up websites with shopping carts quickly, you can set up a new online business in less than a week and start pulling in real income.

If you do not want to sell other people’s goods through affiliate marketing, you can create unique products of your own to sell online. Following is a list of five creative products that you can make yourself starting right now. All of these items are in high demand online.

1. Informational Packages

You can spend months putting together a large website packed with information on a subject in high demand, or you can create a package that contains all of that information and sell it through a simple e-commerce website. A package may include a large report full of statistical information, an eBook, a series of articles, and a subscription to an exclusive email course that covers the topic in-depth for four weeks.

This type of info product is in demand today, but you have to find niches with active buyers. You also have to make sure the entire package is informative, well written, and compelling. You should include images, charts, graphs, and other resources as well as straight text files.

2. Pre-Made Scrapbook Pages and Supplies

Scrapbook supplies are big business today. Many large retailers carry these supplies, and craft stores have large departments with shelf after shelf stacked with supplies. You can get into this market by selling the top products through your own e-commerce website.

If you know how to put together adorable scrapbook pages, you can even create pages and sell them to those who just want to stick in their pictures and finish their scrapbooks. They get the look and feel of handmade pages, and you get to sell the pages for much more than they cost you to make.

3. EBooks

This is a bit different than the informational packages mentioned above, because you are not bound to nonfiction or informative material. You can sell novels, books of poetry, or short story collections. Not only can these products be stocked in your own e-commerce website, but they can be sold through a variety of large online booksellers for additional income.

If you take the time to present your best creative work and format your eBooks with attractive images and colors, you can establish a reputation online and sell a lot of books. this is an excellent opportunity for creative writers.

4. Decorative Signs, Hair Bow Holders, Etc.

If you are crafty with wood, you can make a living online with a simple website and shopping cart. This may mean wood that you skillfully manipulate with machinery in a wood shop or the pre-cut pieces of thin wood that you can find in a craft store. Make custom hair bow holders, necklace hangers, and a variety of decorative signs. Paint and decorate them by hand and sell them through your own e-commerce site.

5. Paintings, Sketches, Photography, Etc.

Many people go online searching for artwork that is unique. Most are open to hanging unknown artists on their walls, which makes this a great product for all artists to sell online.

Do you have any other ideas for creative products that you can sell online? Make your own list of ideas and you will be on your way to a successful online business in a fraction of the time it would take to sell those same products in your local community.

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