Facebook has begun eliminating fake Likes

Goodbye to thousands of FB followers! And those firms whose main job were to gather “Facebook Likes” should work double time as their main algorithm will not work to have those easy fake likes they had before. Back on August, Facebook promised to eliminate fake Likes on brand Pages to improve the largest social networking site’s security.

Fake Facebook Likes

Last week, looks like the company have started axing those bogus Likes from compromised accounts, malware or purchased bulk Likes we’ve told earlier. On an report of Mashable, According to Facebook spokesman Adam Isserlis, on Thursday the company began purging fake Likes and removing false pages “this week.”

Facebook told that less than 1-percent of Likes on a page would be removed if they’re following in the company’s term. The basis of that 1-percent cut was also consistent with PageData, an independent Facebook Page tracking service.

Here are several popular pages that had enormous Likes:

  • Texas HoldEm Poker loss more than 96,000 Likes
  • Zynga Farmville loss 45,000 Likes
  • Rihanna loss 28,000 Likes
  • Shakira loss 26,000 Likes
  • Lady Gaga loss 34,000 Likes

The social-networking giant also told that it had “dedicated protections” for those fake Likes and focuses on improving its systems integrity.

Aside from its massive online followers accessing the sites from their personal computers, Facebook should also look at how it can improve the security for its mobile users. Tablets and smartphones nowadays constitute to significant traffic for Facebook, and it’s necessary that the company should prioritize the security of its users accessing from a non-secure connections, one major step was to secure phone authentication whenever the user cross boundaries or for multiple failed login attempts. In this way, not just fake Likes would be prevented but fake users too.

If you have brand pages under your administration, have you noticed a significant effect of this action on your followers? How many Likes were dropped on your Pages?

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