Featured: Essential travel gadgets for your trip

Taking a trip to a foreign destination used to be a fairly simple affair, and the list of things to take was not that extensive. As long as one had a valid passport and there was enough time available, all that remained was to find cheap flights and the vacation could begin.

Gadgets for travel

That is not the case any longer. Today there are so many gadgets available to enhance the travel experience that a whole new list of things to consider taking with you needs to be drawn up. For budget and environmental reasons many vacationers choose to travel as light as possible, and as a result today’s ultra-sophisticated travel gadgets are compact and weigh very little. Here are five popular travel gadgets that can help to improve the overall travel experience by being useful, entertaining, or both.


Tiny travel speakers

Favorite tunes can be available at all times when tiny portable speakers are stowed in the luggage. Travelers can choose from small, capsule shaped models, cubes, or slim-line docking systems. Powered by batteries and working in conjunction with mobile phones or laptops, some nifty sound systems are available offering surprisingly good audio quality.  There is an extensive selection of travel speakers currently on the market, some of which are priced quite reasonably, ensuring that there is something out there that will fit almost any budget


Water purifying wand

Sometimes traveling to far off destinations will require travelers to be cautious about the local drinking water.  Fortunately there is a gadget made by Steripen that effectively zaps harmful bacteria such as cryptosporidium and giardia, which can cause stomach, upsets and worse. By harnessing the power of UV rays this small, compact gadget takes only 48 seconds to purify a glass of water, making it safe to drink. Easy to slip into the toiletry bag, this lightweight gadget could make all the difference between a heavenly and hellish trip abroad.


Space age suitcases

The language of luggage has gotten a whole lot more complicated recently. There are solar powered rucksacks, self-packing suitcases for the lazy businessperson, and baggage that morphs into sofas, sound systems, and baby buggies. Also in the mix are suitcases that transform into scooters for super-quick transit through the airport.  Still in the prototype stage is a new suitcase called the ‘Hop!’ that automatically follows its owner around like a puppy, leaving the owner’s hands free.


Portable solar charger

There is no longer any need to worry about gadgets such as phones, cameras, and laptops losing their power.  All smart travelers need to do is remember to pop a portable solar charger in their backpack to juice up their essential gadgets on the move.  With a number of these portable chargers currently on the market to choose from, there should be something to suit everyone’s budget and high-tech set-up.


E-book readers

An e-book reader is the perfect traveling companion. Though e-book readers have been around for a while now, these devices deserve a mention for helping to revolutionize the travel packing habits of millions of vacationers. Gone are the days of cramming multiple paperbacks into luggage for holiday reading; these can now be replaced by a slim digital reader that accommodates a library of thousands of books – leaving more room in the luggage for other extras.

Today, technology aids us in almost every aspect of our home and working lives, and many of us would find it extremely difficult to get along without the gadgets we have come to rely on.  It is no wonder then that gadgets specifically designed for travelers are constantly being developed and made available to the public.  If only someone could invent a gadget that would eliminate airport delays!

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