Canon EOS-M now available

The North American market should have already gotten a chance to shoot with the latest Canon mirrorless EOS-M camera, who’ve just begun shipping early this week. The first kit will include the EOS-M body along with the 22mm f/2.8 STM lens and Speedlite 90EX.

Canon EOS-M

So far the feedback from reviews of Canon’s EOS-M system seemed to be positive, giving the worthy why it’s currently out-of-stock at but the biggest e-tailer is still accepting orders and will deliver it once their stocks got to their shelves.

The most relevant issue from most who’ve gone exploring with EOS-M will be its noticeable autofocus speed. For most mirrorless cameras this is an existing issue, and will need shooting adjustments if ever you’ll have the much portable EOS-M as your second camera from your DSLR or you’ll be shifting to mirrorless from DSLR.

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