Are the 50s plus age group au fait with technology, and can technology in fact help them?

The latest technologies are often believed to be the preserve of the young, with older generations sticking to what they already know and are familiar with. However, recent studies reveal that the 50 plus age category is becoming increasingly familiar with, and even reliant on, new technologies such as smartphones.

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Rather than shying away from the internet and the latest gadgets it seems that this age group is starting to see the benefits of getting up to speed with technology and what it can offer. When going on holiday it is estimated that 28% of the over 50s take their laptop with them, 24% take their smartphone and 14% take a Kindle or other book-reader.

More and more in this category now shop online, in fact between 2010 and 2012 there was a 25% increase in the number of over 50s who regularly shop online. The most popular items that the internet is used to purchase are books, music and groceries.

It could be said, in fact, that it’s this age group that could benefit the most from increasingly sophisticated technology, and shopping online is a great example. For many people, as they age mobility can start to become an issue and online food shopping, for example, negates the need to get to and from the supermarket and also carry heavy bags.

It also helps them to stay in touch – as families grow up and away from each other communication tools such as email, Skype and even social networking sites, provide more and easier ways to connect with loved ones. Particularly when children and even grandchildren will be likely to prefer to use technology to communicate, rather than old-fashioned letters or the telephone.

It can also keep them connected to the greater world, and offer them interesting things to do. With the internet is the ability to find local events, community groups, holiday offers and more online. New products such as the Kindle make reading on holidays or on public transport far easier as it means there is no longer a need to carry around heavy books. Such book readers are also better for ailing eyesights as there is the option of increasing font size.

Ultimately, it seems that this age group are in the main seizing new technologies to improve their lives and with advantageous results – for staying in touch, increased practicalities and, of course, enjoyment.

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