The New iPhone 5 -The most amazing iPhone yet

The most awaited next-gen iPhone is launched. It won’t be wrong if I say that it was the most talked about iPhone recently. This handset created a great buzz all around among the tech savvy people and most of them were rumors.

iPhone 5

This latest iPhone 5 which is also supposed to be the last great launch by Apple brings some excellent standard features which includes:

  • Big 4 inch screen display
  • Sleek look with 18% thinner body than 4S
  • Exotic two tone affair with glass and aluminum
  • Extremely light weight than recently launched Smatphones.
  • The retina panel of iPhone 5 is 1136X640
  • Better color saturation with Srgb rendering

The new and wider screen of iPhone5 boasts an extra set of icons on home screen.

The built in apps like iMovie, Garage Band and iWorkSuite have been upgraded, however all the older apps are also working.

The true excitement in iPhone 5 launch is 4G and the addition of LTE is an add-on. iPhone5 still has jazz, EDGE, EV-DO and HSPA+ on the board.

The new iPhone 5 is supposed to come with a nanoSim, a smaller SIM card. This SIM card will be 40% smaller than the previously used SIM cards by Apple devices. The thinner dimensions of the iPhone 5 made it necessary to use a smaller SIM card.

iPhone5 will be shipped in U.S with GSM or CDMA model and for countries like Germany and U.K it will come up only in GSM model.

Company claims iPhone5 to be more energy efficient allowing 8 hrs of talk time. However the addition of LTE could be a hurdle in attaining the claimed efficiency level. According to the announcements made by company you can use it for 10hrs if you keep your data usage to WI-Fi.

As far as the camera of iPhone5 is concerned it is somewhat same to that of its predecessor and the only difference noticed is the slimmer dimension. iPhone5 has an 8 MegaPixel camera with illumination. It has an f/2.4 aperture and a five element lens to give you a crystal clear picture.

If believed to the claims made by Apple, iPhone5 can turn a beautiful sunset into a sold hard series quicker. Apple has also added a new panoramic clicking mode. The front camera of new iPhone5 has its own illuminated sensor capable to capture 720p clips.

Although the iPhone5 was highly expected in 2011 but Apple Inc. took a long to bring this revised an excellently featured iPhone yesterday on 12 September 2012.

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