Samsung’s “It doesn’t take a genius” vs. Apple’s “Don’t settle for cheap plastic”

In the wake of iPhone 4’s antenna gate issue, which has been a major ad propaganda for Motorola’s Droid X by that time, throws a blow which tells the mass consumers that the smartphone was built with a dual antenna design in which you can hold it any way you want. Later on, Motorola also utilized the “free bumper” issued by Apple to cure its “death-grip” problem causing interference with the iPhone 4 signal with an ad of “No Jacket Required” above a poster image of the Droid X. This time, over the weekend it seemed Samsung have gone into the bandwagon of “genius” marketing potentially riding the hype of Apple’s extravagant intro of the iPhone 5. That’s an ad to bash the newly-debuted iPhone 5 comparing directly its flagship Android smartphone Galaxy S III saying “It doesn’t take a genius” while listing both handset’s key specifications. In response with Sammy’s ad, a number of parodies showed up, check out them after the break.

Apple and Samsung has been on the range of battles through some copyright claims recently, with the Cupertino-giant winning over, and it’s a wise guess to have Sammy a little revenge through this ad. Ooh, a little marketing ride-on from the iPhone 5 intro. And while, for sure fanboys will not tolerate this bashing from those “green”  -minded droiders, tweaking Sammy’s ad to highlights the title “Don’t settle for cheap plastic,” probably an assault on the Korean manufacturer that uses plastic-like “polycarbonate” materials in their phones.

Source: BusinessInsider

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