iOS Devices Cross 400 Million Sales, App Store’s Ecosystem With 700,000+ Apps

Apple sold over 400 million iOS devices, now more than 700,000 apps in App StoreThe much anticipated iPhone 5 was finally unveiled by Apple’s Tim Cook at an event yesterday. That was not all, the iPod touch and iPod Nano have also been refreshed with a variety of new features. But, the days of constant secrecy surrounding the launch of Apple’s products, as compared to the publicized launching of products by its rivals, may now be all but over, as many of the latest iPhone’s features were correctly predicted by many pundits on the web and elsewhere.

The latest in the line of IPhones is certainly nothing short of a marvel in the world of mobile technology. It boasts of a ultra-sleek design which is an astonishing 12% thinner than the 4S, weighing in at 112 gm. (much less than the totally plastic make of Samsung Galaxy S III). It is totally made of glass and aluminum. It has a 4 in Retina display panel and is powered by an A6 CPU.

Whether all those marvelous features of the iPhone propel the Apple to market leadership is a question, for whose answer we will have to wait and watch. But, the one thing in which the Apple dominates all hands down is certainly the apps market. Its App Store has the largest application ecosystems, which is continuously growing. Currently, the App Store has over 700,000 applications, out of which 250,000 apps are of the iPad alone, the highest number for any currently available tablet. Tim Cook further revealed at the event that to date the Apple has sold over 400 million iOS devices, which is quite a remarkable number considering that the consumer nowadays are very price-conscious. That goes to show the confidence that Apple has cultivated in its customers through its many innovative products.

The app market is thus clearly, one of the major dominating areas of the Apple. But, the Android is not far behind with their Google Play. As recently announced by the Google, the Google Play currently has over 600,000 apps as of June 2012, and are closing the gap at a remarkable pace.  Late starter Windows Phone has just about 100,000 applications, way off the market leaders. It is the one domain, that surely Apple would like to keep under its thumbs in the future too.

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