Red, Blue and Pink –Colored iPhone 5

Getting out of the usual is definitely a cool thing when almost all of your peers have the same boring white or black iPhone 5 on their hands. Gladly, there are some firms out there ready to color your iPhone 5 the way you want it. UK-based Mendmyi promised that they will be adding the new iPhone 5 to their portfolio of customization. You can check out their early renders of customized Pink, Red or Blue iPhone 5 after the break.

Pink iPhone 5

Mendmyi offers a wide range of hues, specifically 12 colors to choose from, which includes a girly pink, eye-catching yellow or manly blue. You might even, do some combinations of colors as well as making the home button’s color different from the body. You can also add custom logos to the device to further express your intent to personalize your iPhone 5.

However, as of the moment there’s still no word on the pricing for the paint job, but we’re hearing it’ll cost you a not so cheap £96 or $155, based from the iPhone 4S modification fees.

Now if you think this isn’t a good thing for your pocket, maybe you can just head on our list of colorful, fun and cool iPhone 5 cases.

Source: Mendmyi 

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