The latest anti-virus software to keep your PC and mobile devices safe

Kaspersky Mobile SecurityKeeping electronic information secure has always been of utmost importance. Computer viruses are still incredibly prevalent and due to our reliance on IT they can be more destructive than ever. However, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 protects personal computers from the 125,000 new destructive malicious programmes that appear every single day.

Another security risk that PC owners without proper protection will be exposed to is threats from phishing websites. Good anti-virus protection will offer users cloud-based security which can detect suspicious and fraudulent URLs to prevent sensitive information from being shared. Colour-coded warnings are also an invaluable tool in the fight against phishing sites, and some protective software systems show in real time which sites are safe and which should be treated with caution.

Computers that have not been updated recently pose a security threat to the data stored on them. A fully comprehensive anti-malware package will scan a PC’s hard drive to locate weaknesses and potential security issues. With advancements in anti-virus technology, these weaknesses can then be monitored closely to prevent them from causing any future issues.

Smartphones are becoming more widespread, however purchasing security software to protect them against malicious websites and viruses is not taken as seriously as it is for home computers.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is provided free with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 and prevents malware from accessing personal data stored in mobile devices such as Android smartphones. With smartphones being used for an increasing number of tasks that involve the transferring of personal data such as online banking and shopping, it’s vital that they are properly protected.

Even large companies can be affected by viruses, as energy and gas giants RasGas and Aramco found out to their cost recently. By using a cloud-based security network, the best anti-virus software packages come with the built-in ability to collect data from participating users around the globe. By analysing potential threats detected in linked user’s machines, the software network can monitor and block threats before they can cause any damage.

Good mobile security software will automatically scan downloaded apps, email attachments and media files to check for viruses. Some also provide cloud security which will update your device’s anti-virus software in real time, in line with new threats detected elsewhere.

One important thing to remember about mobile security is that should you lose your smartphone or have it stolen, your data is there for anybody to access. Truly comprehensive mobile security packages offer an auto-wipe function that deletes your information from the device, negating any security issues. Some even offer a SIM-tracking utility, which reports back your phone’s new number should the SIM card be replaced, enabling you to block your phone and wipe data from it (or locate it).

Security packages like Kaspersky 2013 offer full protection against viruses and malware with automatically updated software perfect for users with little time or IT skills. Think about the personal data you store on your computer or smartphone and think about how disastrous it would be to lose it all due to forgetting to install security software. Don’t put it off – do it today.

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