iPhone 5 to feature LTE support in U.S. with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

The wraps have finally come off from the much awaited Smartphone till now. The much talked about and the discussed about iPhone 5 has unveiled by the Apple, which among others boasts of an all new sleek design and make, with a larger screen, and 4G LTE network support, i.e. true 4G connectivity and data speeds. The glass & aluminum make iPhone is just 7.6 mm thick, making it at least 12% lighter than its predecessors. It has 4 in retina display, and a powerful A6 CPU.

iPhone 5 to feature LTE support in Us with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

When one markets a new Smartphone with LTE support, it needs some huge LTE markets. Fortunately, Apple got just that in the form of some of the major LTE carriers in US as well as abroad. The US market will be serviced by the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Rogers, Bell and Telus will get the hook up in Canada. In the Europe Deutsch Telekom and the new player EE will get the LTE. In Asia, Softbank, KT, SmartTone, KDDI, SK Telecom and more will gain LTE. All of these carriers will support true LTE connectivity on the iPhone 5. So, by getting some major players of telecom industry on board, Apple has put its first foot at the correct place.

Apple has also put in place support for HSPA+ and DC-HSPDA on the device. In US, only AT&T has HSPA+ network thereby immediately placing itself in an advantageous position. But, the obvious winner from this situation is going to be Verizon, which currently has over 300 4G LTE markets covering nearly 75% of the Americans. The AT&T and Sprint are currently playing catch up to Verizon with only about 100 and 50 4G LTE markets respectively. Those out of the 4G LTE coverage areas will not be able to experience that.

4g LTE provides data speeds which can be up to 10 time’s faster than the usual 3G or HSPA+ networks. So, one can now enjoy crispier streaming content, and fastest web browsing that is currently available. There will definitely be no losers in this equation, as all parties involved are assured of raking in the revenue from iPhone 5 in one way or another.

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