iPhone 5 teardown reveals $207 price to make one

Recently we featured Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD teardown, but today before the iPhone 5 delivery ring your doorbell, this is the signal for some firms, merely iFixit normally do and with BOM estimates projected by iSuppli. Dismantling the new shiny handset gives the mass consumers an instant access to look what’s inside the device or what might have changed from its predecessors. After the break you’ll learn how to dismantle your iPhone 5 along with the breakdown of the components with price estimates.

iPhone 5 Teardown

iPhone 5 Teardown

Japanese site iLab Factory also posted what is believed to be the first video of an iPhone 5 teardown before iFixit’s publishing their own iPhone 5 teardown.

iPhone 5 Bill of Materials and Preliminary Manufacturing Estimates

According to HIS iSuppli Teardown Analysis Service who conducted the preliminary virtual teardown, the new iPhone 5 will have $199 bill of materials for the 16GB version. And basically, when the manufacturing cost of $8 is added it’ll have the total of $207. The iPhone 5 of 32GB and 64GB models will have $209 and $230 estimated BOM, respectively.

Sources: iFixit, iSuppli

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