iPhone 5 review roundup

iPhone 5 Review RoundupThe iPhone 5 is already in-transit to move out of China to its destination for the September 21st launch, and as we speak few big-time tech sites have been doing their meticulous job of reviewing the device along with its new accessories. So basically what are they saying for the new iPhone 5? Did the iPhone 5 satisfy the reviewers’ expectation? Learn more after the break.

Overall most of the reviewers were saying positive first impression from their iPhone 5 review. They love how the 6th-gen iPhone 5 feels and looks, accordingly to top was the 4-inch screen though there has been few apps that aren’t yet updated to conform to new screen size resolution. They also gave high grades for the new lightning connector which is faster in terms of data transfer compared to its older 30-pin version; however, compatibility is still a main issue for this port accessory.

According to Apple’s VP Phil Shiller, “iPhone 5 is the most beautiful product we have ever created” and so far it seemed most of the reviewers are delighted, certainly to its major upgrades from iPhone 4S with a larger 4-inch screen, faster CPU and connector, improved camera and LTE support.

Before most of the reviews has been published, there’s a staggering numbers of around 2-million pre-orders were registered in just 24hrs topping iPhone 4S previous records of 1-million for same period of availability. AT&T also added that the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling device in its company history emptying the carrier’s virtual pre-order shelves within an hour.

If you’re eying for the iPhone 5, check out the early reviews below:

iPhone Review Roundup as compiled by Mashable:

Engadget: “Image quality is still among the best out there for a cameraphone, unimproved but quite impressive in varying conditions. What has improved, though, is the speed. Tap that big ol’ thumb as quick as you can and the iPhone 5 will keep up, whereas the iPhone 4S eventually fell behind. It’s at least on par with the Galaxy Nexus, which also has a ridiculously quick shooter.”

CNET: “The iPhone 5 is the iPhone we’ve wanted since 2010, adding long-overdue upgrades like a larger screen and faster 4G LTE in a razor-sharp new design. This is the iPhone, rebooted.”

The Loop: “If there is one problem I had with the iPhone, it would be with the apps that weren’t designed for the larger screen. We’re used to going to the bottom of the screen for the menu, but because the older apps are centered on the screen, the menus aren’t there. I tap a few times before I realize I have to move my thumb up a little bit. It’s a minor quirk that will go away as soon as the developers update their apps.”

All Things Digital: “I found the new iPhone screen much easier to hold and manipulate than its larger rivals and preferred it. In my view, Apple’s approach makes the phone far more comfortable to use, especially one-handed.”

Slashgear: “The combination of the sturdy casing and premium materials means the iPhone 5 doesn’t feel cheap. In fact, like a good haircut, picking up the new model doesn’t feel like a drastic change or departure from what came before. It’s familiar enough to be usable, consistent.”

Pocket lint: “It’s the same iPhone, but it’s completely different. That’s the main takeaway point for the iPhone 5′s design. It’s something you can’t really appreciate until you get up close and personal with the new phone, but when you do, wow, you’ll really notice that difference.”

USA Today: “People have always had lofty expectations for the iPhone 5, especially as the competition stiffens. In delivering a fast, attractive, LTE-capable and larger-screen handset, Apple has met those expectations with a gem.”

New York Times: “If you have an iPhone 4S, getting an iPhone 5 would mean breaking your two-year carrier contract and paying a painful penalty; maybe not worth it for the 5’s collection of nips and tucks. But if you’ve had the discipline to sit out a couple of iPhone generations — wow, are you in for a treat.”

Source: Mashable

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