iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone available in the market

If Apple’s novel iPhone 5 can withstand the drop test against its arch rival Galaxy S 3 proving its superior build and aesthetic prowess from the usual clumsiness of its users. However, what about it’s overall technical performance considering its normal to abused usage every day? To answer our questions, Anandtech via Redmond Pie carefully put comprehensive tests which include Geekbench, SunSpider and BrowserMark analysis to determine iPhone 5’s ultimate performance and utilization. Learn more after the break.

Geekbench reports shows iPhone 5’s CPU to be idling at 800MHz and clock speed of 1.2GHz. Note that iPhone 5’s clockspeed varies depending on the load or apps currently running on the device –in contrary with the recent assumptions that the iPhone 5’s dual-core A6 is running consistently at 1GHz.

SunSpider and BrowserMark cemented iPhone 5’s stand as the fastest smartphone available. Performance details shows that iPhone 5 loads twice as fast from iPhone 4S on Sunspider and relatively on-top from Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S on BrowserMark.

In the end, Apple’s statement that it’s best iPhone ever as well it’s claim of 2X processor performance increase over the iPhone 4S were fairly precise giving the exact technical guess that it can be running similar or close to A6 processor running the iPad 3.

Now is it about cores or is it about OS and hardware optimization overall?

Source: Anandtech, Redmond Pie

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