iExpander with Extra Battery, Storage, LED Flash and Lightning Connector


There’s an iPhone case that has three different features that comes a necessity for most of iPhone users in times that you don’t expect it to happen. Probably, if you’re an iPhone user, you might have already gone into emergency calls with 2% battery life, you’re in a party and you met your good old friend let’s say for 30 years, yet when you try to have photograph with him it’s too dark and the last scenario is when you want to save let’s say a TV series on your iPhone to be watch on a long trip, yet your built-in memory wasn’t enough. Gladly, a Kickstarter project take on these three very common problems with iExpander.

The iExpander is a multipurpose case capable of providing extra battery life and storage space for your iPhone. There are also built-in LEDs for extra lumens extending the exposure you need to take pictures, improving the images quality during dark shooting condition. There’s also an added perks as it also seemed to support both 30-pin and Lightning connector.

As a KickStarter project you’ll have to support iExpander in order for you to have it on shelves, the minimum pledge will be $75 and you’ll get the Black iExpander in return.

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