Canon 2013: EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 3D/4D, EOS 70D and EOS 700D

There are circulating rumors about a big megapixel camera taunting for a 46.1 megapixel on its sleeve that can be officially announced to be the new Canon EOS 3D or EOS 4D. A debated naming convention that mostly talks about its numbering, the 3D would appeal if the camera would have been made for three-dimensional purposes, while the 4D carries the forbidden number 4 for Japanese which means death, just like what we think of the number 13 on our calendar for every Friday.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Added on the lineup of 2013 revelation from Canon would be a new sensor that will be mounted across the APS-C lineup. From here, you can expect the announcement to be around the Q2 next year.

Another interesting details surrounding the EOS 7D and its successor, the EOS 7D Mark II were there will be no merger of 7D and 60D nor the second version of 7D to have the APS-H camera sensor as earlier rumored. The main reason why there’s a new firmware update for 7D was to hide the delay on developing the new sensor to get on the new APS-C cameras.

We can expect major details about the new sensor on upcoming months to surface, along with some new cameras to feature the new mirror –we are anticipating the Canon EOS 7D Mark II or the 3D/4D as flagship of the new glass on debut.

Source: CanonRumors

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