As iPhone 5 arrives, iPhone 4 becomes free and iPhone 4S for just $99


Just as Apple announced the iPhone 5, the old generation iPhones became a giveaway, not that you will pay, but free of charge. This would be a strategy by Apple who currently has its head office in Cupertino to push the old iPhones away into the hands of users.

Apple went to normal price cuts whenever a new generation of iPhone is released, as iPhone 5 arrives the company will now offer the iPhone 4S at the rate of $99 and the iPhone 4, you will have it free, but with a contract, this means for the iPhone 4, you will have it without paying a dime. Apple also announced that it will discontinue the iPhone 3GS.

You are really still part of the fun by getting the either of the iPhones because on 19th September, Apple had promised that these iPhones will start receiving its latest operating system update, I am talking about the iOS 6, yes, it is coming live on the past generation iPhone.

There you stand a chance to enjoy a whole lots of features captured in the Apple iOS 6. What you will only miss is the new A6 chipset that promises double of the performance speed on the A5 chip available on the iPhone 5, but the A5 too is not bad anyway.

Another thing is the 4-inch larger display on the iPhone 5 compared to the 3.5-inch of previous iPhone. The camera is just the same 8 mega pixels except that that of iPhone 5 came with some more enhanced features which is absent on the iPhone 4 and 4S, one of the major feature is the Panorama mode that had just been added to the iPhone 5.

The 4G LTE on the new iPhone 5 is what will want to keep you from going for the iPhone 4 or 4S, but if you don’t care at this time, you will want to save some money and get a free iPhone 4 or the $99 iPhone 4S and probably wait till when the price of the iPhone 5 falls, but unfortunately, another big iPhone may be coming by then and you may not want to lag behind in the fun of using the latest product.

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