Apple’s iOS 6 Maps aren’t so bad, it’s that the maps are very accurate –not

I skipped updating my iPhone to iOS 6, as I badly need my Google Maps –seemingly a good choice! As I’ve started looking onto current news about the iPhone 5, Apple is taking major blows about its new Maps app in iOS 6. So let’s wait until its competitors start pawning iPhone 5, remember that “It doesn’t take a genius” ad? Maybe this time, you’ll find tons of iOS 6 Maps screenshots showing the “genius” mapping the Cupertino novel devices have.

You can tell how the topic spread about iOS 6 Maps from now, and its plainly bad tagging. Here’s the take of  Nitrozac and Snaggy of The Joy of Tech, “it’s not so much that Apple’s Maps are bad, it’s that the maps are very accurate and the team simply ran into trouble while testing out the new software.”

There’s also now a dedicated tumblr page showing how “The Apple iOS 6 Maps are amazing. Not.”.

And simply a post at Techcrunh, where Apple’s iOS6 Map where Berlin is now called “Schoeneiche” seemed to prove how accurate the iOS 6 Maps application.

We are sure to have more of this coming as massive users will get their iPhone 5 later. Watch this space.

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